These Days, Courtesy Isn't All That Common.

At Liberty Bay, we stand for small gestures. For holding doors for others. And smiling at strangers.

We believe in not-so-random acts of kindness. And a daily dose of doing good. We hail helpful and fight for friendliness. We believe in putting other people first and creating exceptional experiences.

We believe in providing financial education for all, and an enhanced member experience. We believe financial peace of mind leads to a better life.

And better lives lead to better communities.

We call it Uncommon Courtesy. And at Liberty Bay, it's just how we do business.


How Members Experience Uncommon Courtesy at Liberty Bay feeling right at home

"I really appreciate the personal touch of LBCU... People at LBCU have always been warm and welcoming; making me feel like a person not a number. It's the difference between a home and an institution."

...with high quality service

"Liberty Bay is very reliable and provides high quality service. Plus, since it's a credit union I know that my banking with them also benefits my community."

...through personalized support

"[The] best part is when you need questions answered the staff give you the time, personal attention and recommendations that are more detailed than most banks I have dealt with."

Join Us in Building a Brighter Future with Uncommon Courtesy

See how simple it is to implement random acts of
kindness throughout your day.

1. Surprise someone by sending them cookies

2. Hold the door open for someone

3. Let someone else take the better parking spot

4. Pay for the person behind you at the drive through

5. Let someone in your lane of traffic

6. Give someone a compliment

7. Pick up trash that you see on the street

8. Get something off the top shelf for someone shorter than you

9. Leave a larger tip than you normally would

10. Call a friend to check in on them